How Tech Can Make America Whole Again

I was born and bred in Silicon Valley two years after my parents and sisters finally got out from under Fidel Castro’s oppressive communist regime in the late 60s. After four years of financial hardship and living in constant fear for their safety, my family finally boarded one of the Freedom Flights that brought over 245,000 Cuban refugees to live in the US between 1965-1973. They were welcomed at the Miami International Airport where they were processed and offered services as part of the Cuban Refugee Resettlement program.

Linda McNairComment
A Simple Yet Radical Approach to Social Impact

In 2008, I jumped off the proverbial "cliff" and started my own social impact practice. Since launching Pellegrino Collaborative, I’ve had the good fortune of working on many inspiring projects with organizations across the corporate, nonprofit, and academic sectors.

However, last fall, I found myself at a crossroads, thinking about closing up shop and going back “in house.” I thought I could be more effective within an organization. I missed being part of a consistent team. The resources and job security were calling...

...and then the election happened and I had an epiphany.

The Cost of Underestimating Stakeholder Values

The Uber debacle isn’t about surge pricing or continuing to do business at JFK on Saturday during the NYTWA’s (New York Taxi Workers Alliance) one hour strike. It’s about what happens when a corporation doesn’t fully consider, or understand, the core values of key stakeholder groups. To be fair, this challenge isn’t isolated to Uber, but rather, a cautionary tale for many in the corporate sector.

Andrea Pellegrino