Pellegrino Collaborative has helped nonprofits, philanthropies, global corporations, startups, educational institutions, communities, and member organizations create shared value through social impact. 

Our multi-disciplinary team and collaborative approach capture value across boundaries and between the silos of systems and organizations.

From this “whole-systems” lens, we're able to develop human-centered strategies and scalable solutions that support, catalyze, and deliver measurable social and organizational change.

Why Pellegrino Collaborative?



We understand that solutions are only as good as their fit within a broader ecosystem. By acknowledging the real world and all of its complexities, we're able to build solutions that create shared societal and economic value.


We gather critical qualitative and quantitative information during all project stages, from concept to development through execution, in order to deliver high impact, measurable results.


Our multi-disciplinary, collaborative network is purposely designed to respond to any social impact or organizational challenge—rapidly, strategically, pragmatically, and creatively. 

Sustainable value

By drawing from a deep bench of trusted, independent consultants, we’re able to offer clients what they want—comprehensive, cost-effective services, flexibility in how they work, and sustainable outcomes.

diverse perspectives

We represent a wide-range of backgrounds, subject expertise, geographies, and viewpoints, bringing diverse perspectives and capabilities to our client work.


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